Ivy Tech Community College, Purdue Global Partner On Reverse Transfer Initiative

Agreement Helps Adult Learners Earn Important Degree Credential
Toward Achieving Educational and Career Goals

Ivy Tech Community College and Purdue Global have partnered to create a statewide reverse transfer agreement for students who have transferred to Purdue Global prior to completing their associate degree at Ivy Tech.

“By working closely with Ivy Tech we are helping adult learners earn important degree credentials they can use immediately toward achieving their educational and career goals,” said Purdue Global President Dr. Betty Vandenbosch, who noted that more than eight-in-ten Purdue Global students have some prior post-secondary education experience before enrolling.

In order to be eligible for the reverse transfer program, students must meet several transfer policies and conditions:

  • Students must have completed a minimum of 15 credit hours from Ivy Tech to be eligible for reverse transfer
  • Students must be a currently enrolled Purdue Global undergraduate pursuing a bachelor’s degree
  • Students must have no prior associate or higher degree conferred
  • Students must have attained at least a 2.0 GPA from Ivy Tech

Once a qualified student has earned the equivalent of 75 or more total semester credit hours at Purdue Global (including transfer hours), they will be notified twice a year of their potential eligibility for an Ivy Tech associate degree through reverse transfer until they opt-out.

“With the need for working adults to achieve their post-secondary goals in an untraditional classroom setting, Ivy Tech is excited to partner with Purdue Global and add them to our growing number of college partners for reverse transfer,” said Sue Ellspermann, Ivy Tech Community College President. “Through this opportunity, students will have a credential they have earned to help them advance their career while continuing to work towards their baccalaureate.”

Ivy Tech is responsible for determining, through reverse articulation and transcript review, which courses completed at Purdue Global may satisfy the associate degree requirements that will allow students to be awarded a degree. This process will take place in both fall and spring semesters.

Reverse transfer is designed to assist students in pursuing their career goals. Ivy Tech has partnered with several other institutions to offer reverse transfer, including: University of Southern Indiana, Indiana State University, Purdue University, Ottawa University, Trine University, University of Phoenix, Indiana Tech, Indiana Wesleyan, Western Governors University and Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.


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