Josie Thorpe: Finding a “Family” Connection

When she was in high school, Josie Thorpe was like a lot of students: a little uncertain about what she wanted to focus on in the future. Unlike some of her peers, however, Josie wasn’t content to put off a decision for very long.

“When I was looking at colleges my senior year of high school, I was unsure what I wanted to do,” Thorpe says. “But when I got introduced to ASAP, it seemed like a fast and productive way to learn and stay active in school.”

Thorpe also appreciates the fact that she’s part of a cohort—a group of students that will stay together throughout the program. She says that has allowed her to build relationships that keep everyone focused on their goals.

“In the ASAP program we’re with the same students for the entire program,” Thorpe explains, “and it’s like a family. There are some hard days when it’s a little overwhelming, and we’re each other’s support system.”

Thorpe also appreciates the stipend she is provided with every month, which helps defray expenses that would otherwise require her to keep a job while attending college. On the Ivy Tech Lafayette campus, the stipend was made possible by a gift from the Mike and Sue Smith family, who helped launch the program with a $1 million donation to the Ivy Tech Foundation.

When you consider how far students like Thorpe have come after enrolling in ASAP, it immediately becomes apparent that gifts like the one from the Smith family will pay dividends long into the future.

“At first, ASAP was a little overwhelming, but now, as I reach the end, I realize how worthwhile it’s been,” Thorpe says. “I’ll start at Purdue next year as a junior, and I’m ready. If you had asked me a year ago, I had no idea what I wanted to do, but ASAP has really helped prepare me. It’s getting me where I want to go.”

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