Bring it on

Nursing Alumna Ashley Halcomb Builds a Success Story That’s Worth Cheering About

There’s no question that Ashley Halcomb is one accomplished young woman. As an Ivy Tech Community College graduate, she works as a registered nurse at Hendricks Pediatrics. She also is a skilled dancer and Indianapolis Colts cheerleader. Turning her dreams into reality, however, hasn’t been easy.

When Halcomb started college, she felt a little out of place.

“I went to a big school, and I felt I was a dollar sign,” Halcomb says. “I didn’t feel like I got the education I needed to start my nursing career. I felt like I was never going to achieve my goals.”

It was a step backwards, but Halcomb was undaunted—as you might expect from someone who gets a crowd of 67,000 football fans fired up. She gave college another chance, enrolling at Ivy Tech Community College.

“I started by taking some prerequisites at Ivy Tech, and it just felt right,” she says. “The faculty looked at me as a student, of course, but they considered my future, as well.”

When Halcomb began her studies at Ivy Tech, she was living in a rural area, somewhat distant from any of the College’s campuses. Fortunately, Ivy Tech offered enough online classes that she was able to satisfy many prerequisites from the comfort of her home. After she was accepted into Ivy Tech’s nursing program, she was happy to travel to campus, given what she experienced.

“It was very progressive,” Halcomb says. “I felt I was well prepared, not just by learning from a textbook, but with a lot of clinical, hands-on work.”

Halcomb completed her nursing degree more quickly than she had expected and started her career shortly thereafter. Once again, she landed somewhere a little unexpected but ended up in exactly the right place—and it’s inspired her to even greater ambitions.

“I never thought I would end up in pediatrics, but I love it, and I can’t see myself anywhere else,” she states. “Now, I’d like to continue my education and get my bachelor’s and one day become nurse practitioner. Thanks to Ivy Tech, I have a lot
of opportunities and choices for continuing my education and achieving those goals.”

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