Ivy Tech, IDEM partner to provide wastewater operator exams

INDIANAPOLIS –Ivy Tech Corporate College and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) have partnered to increase access to IDEM’s wastewater operator exams.

Traditionally given twice a year via paper and pencil in Indianapolis, Ivy Tech has computerized the exams and made them available to qualified candidates on-demand. The qualification process begins with an application to IDEM. Upon receipt of an approval letter, the applicant can immediately schedule a computer-based test at any of Ivy Tech’s 26 Certification and Workforce Assessment testing centers — most open six days per week and evenings. Individuals can also obtain unofficial test results onsite and receive official notification and credentials from IDEM shortly thereafter.

This new system accelerates the total certification process significantly. Applications are available at www.idem.IN.gov/5088.htm.

“The wastewater treatment field is in need of more qualified operators,” said Bruno Pigott, Assistant Commissioner of the Office of Water Quality, “and this additional flexibility in scheduling and sitting for the exam is expected to not only move the profession into the modern world, but will also provide a significant customer service to those working to become licensed operators.”

Ivy Tech operates 26 Certification and Workforce Assessment testing centers and delivers more than 6,000 different third-party certifications and professional licensure exams. Last year, Ivy Tech administered more than 150,000 certification tests and assessments. Each facility is equipped and open to provide professional testing services that meet the needs of accrediting agencies, local community, business and government.

“We’re very excited about the opportunity to partner with IDEM to help make their important testing more accessible,” said Tim Harris, Vice President for Ivy Tech Corporate College Sales and Marketing. “This is a great example of using the expertise we have available through our Workforce Certification Centers and Corporate College to assist clients in becoming even more efficient and effective.”

Ivy Tech Corporate College is the premier provider of quality workforce training solutions for the needs of businesses, industry, organizations and individuals. Corporate College will contribute to business success through talent development, organizational improvement, and increased productivity and profitability. With 32 campuses and more than 100 learning facilities statewide, Ivy Tech is readily accessible and has a proven track record of providing value-based solutions for thousands of businesses and students each year.

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