The right place at the right time

Foundation board member Terry Anker embodies the College’s vision

Terry Anker is like a lot of Ivy Tech Community College students in that he was the first in his family to graduate from college. Perhaps that’s what makes him such an ardent advocate for Ivy Tech and community colleges as a whole.

“Ivy Tech has a compelling mission and provides a very high value education to its customers,” Anker says. “A robust community college system in Indiana bolsters rather than competes with a traditional fourterry-year major research institution.”

Anker also believes that community colleges are vital to economic recovery. In keeping with this belief, Anker joined the Ivy Tech Foundation board of directors two years ago and now serves as chair of its governance committee, which focuses on attracting quality people from around the state to support the work of Ivy Tech.

“Community colleges are nimble and can quickly respond to the changing needs of the marketplace,” Anker states. “Agility in retraining and repositioning displaced and new workers is paramount in the success of any economic strategy.”

Anker’s belief in the power of higher education has deep roots. He received a bachelor’s degree in speech communication from Indiana University in Bloomington and went on to earn his law degree there. Today, he is the owner of The Anker Consulting Group based in Carmel. His company invests in and advises small businesses throughout Indiana on how to raise capital from public and private sources. In addition, he is President of Legacy Fund, the Hamilton County Community Foundation, and the Associate Editor and Partner of Current Publishing, LLC, which publishes weekly newspapers.

Anker’s experience as an entrepreneur gives him a special appreciation for the programs offered through Ivy Tech Corporate College, which provides corporate training for employers throughout Indiana. This includes certification programs that enable workers to move up within a particular industry by learning new skills or finding a new job.

“It is vitally important for Ivy Tech to continue to work closely with local Indiana businesses to train the current workforce,” he says.

Anker sees Corporate College as especially critical to the healthcare and hospitality industries – two sectors where Ivy Tech excels and that provide academic pathways leading directly to jobs.

Anker says that another factor in his decision to support Ivy Tech was the leadership of the College’s president Tom Snyder.

“Tom is a great and thoughtful leader,” Anker explains. “He is definitely in the right place at the right time. Ivy Tech is changing so rapidly that the mere pace is fraught with peril. Tom’s even hand and constant attention has kept the ship on course in spite of tumultuous waters.”

And as Ivy Tech celebrates its 50th anniversary, it’s clear that Terry Anker is in the right place at the right time, as well. His passion for education combined with his experience as an entrepreneur is a true reflection of the College’s vision of Changing Lives and Making Indiana Great.

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