Sweet Success

For entrepreneur alum Carrie Abbott, it’s all about “hope, humility, and hustle”

Carrie AbbottCarrie Abbott’s love of food is a gift. Literally. After a friend funded her attendance at an introductory cooking class at Ivy Tech Community College, it was love at first bite. She took night and weekend courses at the college to earn her associate of applied science in baking and pastry arts and learned from professors who nurtured her entrepreneurial spirit.

“The instructors, labs, and materials are the best in the state,” Abbott says of her time at Ivy Tech. “The instructors taught me that what I was learning could be applied to a real-life work environment—not just the steps for creating food but for creating a food business. It was eye-opening.”

After graduating from Ivy Tech, Abbott went on to open a catering company to further hone her skills in the kitchen. She then started a company called Newfangled Confections, which produces a variety of candies, including her signature product, Frittle®. Combining sugar and peanuts to make a softer and saltier brittle, it’s been a sweet success for Abbott.

“If you’re serious about culinary arts and devote enough time to it, you’ll know if starting your own business is the right thing for you,” says Abbott. “The key ingredients? Hope, humility, and hustle.”

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