Ivy Tech Corporate College names Corporate Award recipients

INDIANAPOLIS–Ivy Tech Corporate College has selected seven companies for the college’s annual Corporate College Partner Award.

The recipients are selected based on the level of commitment by the organization in workforce training/development programs; the adoption by the organization of standardized and portable workforce credentials; utilization of assessments in the hiring of new workers and determining worker skills gaps; organizational commitment to financially supporting their workforce in acquiring additional skills and education; creating and implementing internal career pathways; and creating an ongoing partnership with Ivy Tech Corporate College for continuous improvement and development of programs and services.

The following companies were selected for the 2013 Award: Aisin USA Manufacturing in Seymour, Allison Transmission in Indianapolis, Berry Plastics Corporation in Evansville, Carter Express Incorporated in Anderson, Polygon Company in Walkerton, Rolls-Royce Corporation in Indianapolis, and WaterStep in Louisville, KY.

Aisin USA Manufacturing and Ivy Tech’s Columbus/Franklin Region have developed a partnership designed to address the shortage of automation and robotics technicians.  Aisin, as a member of the Indiana Automotive Council, supported Ivy Tech’s new Advanced Automation and Robotics degree program and was one of the first company partners to agree to provide paid co-ops or internships for their current and potential employees.  Aisin USA Manufacturing is also working with Ivy Tech to create internal career paths for employees to advance within their organization.  Because they are one of the first companies to become fully engaged with Ivy Tech and other workforce partners to address critical workforce skills gaps in this new delivery model, Aisin USA Manufacturing has been chosen to receive Ivy Tech’s 2013 Partner Award.

Allison Transmission is committed to workforce development setting the tone in their New Employee Orientation.  Allison supports training opportunities for all employees on a continuous basis.  They partner with Ivy Tech to provide opportunities for employees to earn industry recognized and valued credentials in programs such as the Association for Operations Management (APICS) and MSSC’s Certified Production Technician (CPT) credential.  The company also provides tuition reimbursement for all workforce levels.  For their support of and dedication to the development of their employees at all levels, Allison Transmission has been chosen to receive the 2013 Partner Award.

Berry Plastics Corporation has partnered with Ivy Tech’s Evansville Region to train and develop internal employees in their apprenticeship programs.  They have created career pathways to align apprenticeships to certification and degree outcomes.  There are 100 employees pursuing credentials spread over 10 apprenticeship programs.  For their commitment to and support of employees’ attainment of certifications and degrees as internal professional development opportunities for career advancement, Barry Plastics Corporation has been chosen to receive the 2013 Partner Award.

Carter Express Incorporated and Ivy Tech’s East Central Region have partnered to provide training and employment for over 100 Hoosiers in the last four years.  Together they have secured funding for displaced and underemployed workers to pursue new careers.  Their efforts to date have had a $4 million positive economic impact on the local community.  For their willingness to provide funding and employment opportunities in support of this training program to change lives and make Indiana great, Carter Express Incorporated, has been chosen to receive Ivy Tech’s 2013 Partner Award.

Polygon Company sees their workforce as their most valuable resource and strives to continuously improve their educational and training strategy to further develop and retain them.   Polygon Company partners with Ivy Tech’s North Central Region to train and develop key positions, which include front line managers and CNC operators.  Polygon’s specific needs around creating a collaborative, creative, and innovative workplace dictate specific training and development needs. Ivy Tech delivers relevant and credential based training to address their needs resulting in an increase in production and best practice leadership solutions.   Together they have created a culture of continuous improvement and encouraged and empowered each employee to continue their education, and for this accomplishment they have been chosen to receive the 2013 Partner Award.

Rolls-Royce Corporation’s culture and brand depend upon employee development as their products are the result of strong technical competence and imagination to ensure safety and reliability in the aerospace/energy/marine/nuclear business.  Rolls-Royce and Ivy Tech’s Central Indiana Region partner in standardizing competencies and professional development for key positions in the organization.  The company has created numerous career pathways and values certifications and portable credentials.  For their commitment to partnering with Ivy Tech to develop their diverse talent through industry recognized credentials, Rolls-Royce Corporation has been chosen to receive Ivy Tech’s 2013 Partner Award.

WaterStep is a non-profit company dedicated to providing safe water training and instructional programs domestically and internationally.  WaterStep provides training to their employees, instructional volunteers, and ordinary people wanting to make a difference in developing countries by providing instruction in the creation of safe water and health and hygiene practices.  WaterStep has partnered with Ivy Tech’s Sellersburg Region to take the face-to-face content of their health and hygiene course and translate it to an online format maximizing delivery worldwide.  The first pilot was in Panama.   For their work with Ivy Tech in creating a synergistic partnership with global impact utilizing online content for worldwide delivery, WaterStep has been chosen to receive the 2013 Partner Award.

Ivy Tech Corporate College is the premier provider of quality workforce training solutions for the needs of businesses, industry, organizations and individuals.  Corporate College will contribute to business success through talent development, organizational improvement, and increased productivity and profitability.  With 31 campuses and more than 100 learning facilities statewide, Ivy Tech is readily accessible and has a proven track record of providing value-based solutions for thousands of businesses and students each year.  

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