Ivy Tech launches new Corporate College structure aligned to meet Indiana’s industry needs

INDIANAPOLIS — Ivy Tech Corporate College launched its new structure on March 1 with a focus on ensuring increased outreach efforts to businesses throughout the state.  The college has reorganized the entire department across all 14 of its geographic regions and its central department to align resources in an optimal manner to reduce costs and increase training capacity to help Indiana businesses grow revenue and increase efficiency.

The new model includes restructuring of the sales team, the main interface with companies in Indiana, to be more responsive to the needs of Indiana industries, including business, healthcare, government, non-profit, information technology, advanced manufacturing and many more.  The streamlining of operations will reduce College costs and increase revenues while at the same time assist Indiana businesses in growing and becoming as efficient as possible.  With this new model, the sales team will be strategically aligned to focus on responsiveness in an effort to be a national best practice.

With this expanded scope, the new structure will also allow for improved and expanded services to area employers located within each Ivy Tech region.  As has been in the past, dedicated staff will be available to reach out and serve local needs as needed.   

“Ivy Tech Corporate College is part of the fabric of a Community College but we feel is a bit unknown here in Indiana and certainly under-utilized by businesses throughout the state,” said Ivy Tech President Thomas J. Snyder.  “This new realignment and restructuring will emphasize a more robust customer service-focused sales team in order to increase our engagement with companies in order to understand their needs and deliver training to address those needs.  This will allow us to expand the impact of our Corporate College and become more responsive to the needs of businesses to dramatically improve the skills of Indiana’s workforce.”

The new structure will improve responsiveness and the quality of delivery through an effective alignment of staff designed to expand the College’s reach in workforce education.   The new structure pulls from the previous statewide system’s Corporate College teams to form a unified group working from common goals and standards for delivery.

Emphasis will include working with organizations to provide training and educational services to improve each client’s bottom line in meeting their customers’ expectations and achieving organizational goals.  Also, a strong focus will exist in working with short-term training for individuals, as well as with Work One offices and the College’s other partners across the State of Indiana.  Open enrollment courses specific to workforce development and workforce certification services will also be expanded upon in the future.  

Tim Harris, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, will lead the new statewide sales team and will be expanding the reach of the College by working directly with company officials to determine specific training and education needs that exist.  This change results in the alignment of 20 Corporate College executives located strategically throughout the state to rapidly respond to specific workforce areas with a high level of expertise and experience.  Visit http://www.ivytech.edu/corporatecollege/about/ to view the roster of Corporate College executives.

Dr. Jeff Pittman, Vice President of Corporate College Services and Online Education, will lead the statewide delivery team that will utilize consistent standards in curriculum, faculty credentials and quality assurance.  This team will work closely with company officials to ensure the highest quality delivery of training occurs.  

The mission of Ivy Tech Corporate College is to be the premier provider of quality workforce training solutions for the needs of businesses, industry, organizations and individuals.  Corporate College will contribute to business success through talent development, organizational improvement, and increased productivity and profitability. 

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