New Ivy Tech Corporate College Structure to Increase Outreach and Responsiveness to Business and Industry

INDIANAPOLIS — Ivy Tech Corporate College is changing its operation to ensure increased outreach efforts throughout the state. Plans include the restructuring of the sales team, the main interface with companies in Indiana, to be more responsive to business and industry needs.  The streamlining of operations will reduce College costs and increase revenues while at the same time assist Indiana businesses in growing and becoming as efficient as possible.

Ivy Tech Corporate College is the premier provider of quality workforce training solutions for the needs of businesses, industry, organizations and individuals. Corporate College contributes to business success through talent development, organizational improvement, and increased productivity and profitability.   The focus will be on job skills development and career training as well as assessing existing skill gaps between available jobs and Indiana’s workforce to position Ivy Tech Corporate College as a solution.

“Ivy Tech Corporate College is part of the Community College that we feel is a bit unknown and certainly under-utilized by business and industry throughout Indiana,” Ivy Tech Community College President Thomas J Snyder said. “We are taking steps to form a customer service focused sales team in order to increase our engagement with companies and understand their needs and deliver training to address those needs. We will expand the impact of our Corporate College and become more responsive to the needs of businesses to dramatically improve the skills of Indiana’s workforce.”

The College also announced that Vice President for Corporate College Dr. Rebecca Nickoli has announced her retirement after 35+ years of service with Ivy Tech Community College.

“I want to thank Becky for over three decades of service.  She is a national leader in workforce training and has helped build Ivy Tech Corporate College.  She has served various roles here at Ivy Tech and helped so many students and businesses become successful,” Snyder said.

Moving forward Tim Harris will lead the Corporate College marketing, sales and outreach efforts in his role as Vice President for Corporate College Sales and Marketing.  He will directly oversee and lead the sales team throughout the state in order to increase outreach efforts to businesses and industries.

“Tim will lead the efforts to reach out to more companies in Indiana and build awareness that Ivy Tech can be their training partner and a solution to fill the  skills gaps they are facing,” Snyder said.

Harris joined the Ivy Tech Corporate College team in January of 2013 after serving as Chief of Staff for Congressman Marlin Stutzman where he managed the office budget, advised the Congressman on policy issues and strategies, and assisted with fundraising and relationship-building.

He also led the Indiana Utility Shareholders Association from its inception and served as its Executive Director where he was responsible for managing the budget and developing marketing plans. He also increased membership from zero to well over 1,000.  

Harris has also served as Vice President of Sales for Grant County Abstract where he was responsible for all aspects of business development. In addition, he has served as President of Lincoln Land Title; Administrative Assistant to the Mayor of Marion; Executive Director of Alumni and Development at Indiana Wesleyan University; and Sales Representative for EnTrade Corporation.

Dr. Jeff Pittman will lead the statewide efforts around quality and delivery in his role as Vice President for Corporate College Services and Online Education.

 “Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge to this role and has been one of the leaders in our tremendous growth in online education.  He will help do the same with Corporate College to provide new training offerings for companies throughout Indiana,” Snyder said.

Dr. Pittman has served in a variety of roles at the campus, regional and system-wide levels for the College.  Most recently, he was named Vice President of Corporate College Online Education and Entrepreneurial Outreach for the Statewide College System in January 2013.  In this position, he worked to expand online programming to national and international markets, develop online education courses and programs within Corporate College for Indiana businesses and citizens, and work with College and State officials to assist with training solutions for the State. 

Jeff became the first Statewide Vice President of Online Education for the College in 2010.  In addition to this role, he has served the College as Chancellor of the Wabash Valley Region, Executive Dean of the Sellersburg Region, Dean of Academic Affairs for the Bloomington Region, and Department Chair of Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Trades at the Columbus Region. 

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