Ivy Tech Corporate College takes business training online

INDIANAPOLIS – When most people think of employee training, their experiences often fall into two categories. Either training took place in a large, impersonal conference room with a lecturer and an out-of-date video. Or another employee taught them on the job, often imperfectly.

Ivy Tech Corporate College is helping Hoosier businesses change that experience through a revolutionary new online training concept.

“This innovative online, interactive program has been developed to successfully address the training challenges facing companies today,” said Ivy Tech Corporate College President Matt Bell as the organization launched its first online curriculum. “Many companies now have dozens, perhaps hundreds, of employees working at multiple locations – from satellite branches to home offices. Our new online curriculum provides these companies with the ability to train their employees in a consistent, accurate manner that tracks their participation and understanding of the material.”

The first set of ten courses will cover the broad topic of Environmental, Health and Safety training, including OSHA-required information on fire protection, workplace injury, first aid and forklift safety.

According to Bell, “We chose Environmental, Health and Safety training as our launching point, because workplace accidents and injuries cost U.S. companies $155 billion annually. Safety issues, when mishandled or ignored, can lead to higher insurance premiums, worker’s compensation claims, OSHA fines, lost time and potential lawsuits. By effectively training their employees on these topics, accidents and injuries can be avoided.”

For employees, the benefits of this program can be identified in one easy phrase: “Online. Well designed. Anytime.”

“With more and more people becoming comfortable with computer technology, taking training technology to an online platform is really just taking that information right to the employee,” said Bell. “You don’t have to wait for a number of employees to come together for an in-person program anymore. When you hire someone new, you can train them immediately.”

From a technical and design standpoint, Ivy Tech has partnered with CVC Communications in Fort Wayne to develop the format. “The training modules are interactive and engaging, thanks to the proven skills of CVC,” added Bell. “CVC has been using their storytelling talents to train individuals and groups for more than thirty years. They’ve really taken this training to the next level, so that it doesn’t feel like your typical training program. The courses capture the attention and interest of the learner, while providing up-to-date information on each field of study.”

For businesses, the benefits of this program provide “peace of mind” when it comes to training. “Businesses who use our online training courses can rest assured that their employees are receiving the best training in the most interesting, interactive way possible,” Bell said. “When they complete the Environmental, Health and Safety courses, employees will be trained to work within federal safety requirements and to understand how to implement those protocols in the workplace.”

Ivy Tech Corporate College is the premier provider of quality workforce training solutions for the needs of businesses, industry, organizations and individuals. Corporate College will contribute to business success through talent development, organizational improvement, and increased productivity and profitability. With 30 campuses and more than 100 learning facilities statewide, Ivy Tech is readily accessible and has a proven track record of providing value-based solutions for thousands of businesses and students each year.

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