Ivy Tech’s Dick Tully to retire after 27 years

INDIANAPOLIS — Ivy Tech Community College’s Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning has announced his retirement.  Dick Tully has led facilities planning at Ivy Tech for more than 27 years.  He will retire in January 2013.


During his first year on the job, Tully developed a metric based process to prioritize the need for new capital projects and has since adapted the process over time. His system has been used by State Trustees each biennium since 1986 to establish their priorities for the College’s Capital Budget request.


During his tenure, more than $545 million in capital projects and 25 capital leases with a capital value of more than $66 million were approved by the General Assembly.  In addition, Tully has overseen 31 major construction projects for the college and developed building and project standards with Schmidt Associates.


When Tully joined Ivy Tech in 1985, the College had a building stock of 2,411,490 gross square feet (GSF).  As of fall 2011, the College used 5,750,696 GSF – an increase of 138.5 percent.  In the fall of 1985, the college owned 945,567 GSF of its space.  Today, the College owns 4,373,060 GSF – an increase of 362.5 percent.  Ivy Tech has gone from owning 39.2 percent of its space to owning 76 percent of its space and, therefore, controlling the space.  Additionally, in the fall of 2011, the Ivy Tech Foundation owned 621,803 GSF that the College leases.  Of the space the College owns, 87 percent was acquired or constructed during his tenure.


Tully has been a longtime member of the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) and active in the Facilities Planning Academy of that organization. He has served on SCUPs Membership Committee, Nominating Committee, Facilities Planning Academy, and Community College advisory group.

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