More Ivy Tech-Columbus students transferring to IUPUC

COLUMBUS – The number of articulation agreements between Ivy Tech Community College and IUPUC is increasing, and college officials are crediting those agreements to more local transfers. 

Articulation agreements allow students to transfer all or a portion of the credits of an associate degree to a bachelor’s degree program.  The number of agreements between Ivy Tech and IUPUC has reached eight, and is growing. Agreements currently in place are as follows:

Ivy Tech-Columbus Associate Degrees IU Bachelor’s Degrees at IUPUC
A.S. in Accounting B.S. in Business
A.S. in Business Administration B.S. in Business
A.S. in General Studies Bachelor of General Studies
A.S. in Computer Information Systems B.S. in Business
A.S. in Psychology B.S. in Psychology
A.S. in Nursing B.S. in Nursing
A.S. in Elementary Education B.S. in Elementary Education
A.S. in Agriculture B.S. in Business

John Hogan, Ivy Tech chancellor, commented, “Ivy Tech and IUPUC are working harder than ever to create more local pathways to higher education. It’s apparent that this partnership has paid off for a number of area residents.” 

Ivy Tech transfers for the fall 2010 semester make up 13% of new IUPUC students.  Of the total of 416 new IUPUC students this semester, 55 are Ivy Tech transfer students. 

The number of transfer students has increased steadily since the fall of 2007.  Ivy Tech transfer students, compared to new IUPUC students in the fall of 2007 was 32 of 407 (7.8 percent); in the fall of 2008, 33 of 402 (8.2 percent); in the fall of 2009, 39 of 391 (9.9 percent); and in the fall of 2010, 55 of 416 (13.2 percent).

Marwan Wafa, IUPUC vice chancellor, said, “It’s great having a community college partner that acts as a front door to any number of IUPUC bachelor degrees. We will continue this important work of building bridges between Ivy Tech and IUPUC for even more seamlessness to better serve our region.”

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