Training program helps prepare unemployed Hoosiers for future jobs

COLUMBUS – Unemployed and low-income Hoosiers across Southeast Indiana may now qualify to receive free training in one of the area’s fastest growing job sectors – advanced manufacturing. WorkOne has new funding available to help people pursue Manufacturers Skills Standard Council (MSSC) production certification. Ivy Tech Community College will provide the training, preparing students for entry level positions in manufacturing companies.

“Several area companies are endorsing this nationally recognized workforce credential,” said Patti Yount, Region 9 Workforce Board President. “With this funding, WorkOne Centers can help job seekers earn this recognized credential in order to improve their chances of securing a job with manufacturing employers.”

MSSC’s Certified Production Technician (CPT) training and credentialing is preferred by many local employers, including Cummins Inc. “Cummins greatly values the knowledge and skills acquired by the Manufactures Skills Standards Council program,” said Mark Gerstle, Vice President – Chief Administrative Officer at Cummins Inc. “When recruiting in southern Indiana to fill open production positions, we will actively seek candidates with these certifications.”

In addition to Cummins, several other companies give a hiring preference or place a high premium on candidates with MSSC’s nationally portable, industry-recognized certifications. These companies include; Grote Industries, Dicksons, Arvin Sango, Madison Precision Products, Aisin USA, Aisin Drivetrain, and Royer Corporation.

Funding to participate in MSSC training is available through the Workforce Acceleration Grant; the grant will pay for tuition, fees and books. Unemployed or low- income Hoosiers interested in the MSSC training will need to take a preliminary assessment test to determine their readiness to pursue this certification.

Visit your local WorkOne Center (Columbus WorkOne, Sherry Erickson (812) 314-8564; Lawrenceburg WorkOne, Jennifer Montgomery (812) 537-1117 ext243; Madison Workone, Jean Voyles (812) 265-3734 ext 217; Express WorkOnes, Lissa Griffin, (812)-599-1886) or your local Ivy Tech Workforce Economic Development Offices (Columbus Ivy Tech, Sue Smith, (812) 374-5125; Lawrenceburg Ivy Tech, Randy Johann, (812) 265-2580 ext 4112).

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