Ivy Tech’s Kokomo Region earns leadership award

KOKOMO – Ivy Tech Community College’s Kokomo Region was recently honored for having an exemplary academic leadership team by The Chair Academy at its annual conference in Denver, Colorado. Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Dr. Pamela J. Lewis and Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs Jane Wilson accepted the award for the college.

According to The Chair Academy, Ivy Tech’s academic leadership was honored because it develops appropriate operating budgets; investigates, promotes, and supports new methods of instructional delivery; reviews existing programs of the college and determines new programs and degrees to best serve the local community; involves faculty in brainstorming and decision making activities, then takes action on the results; has initiated an adjunct advisor program and conducts training for these advisors to supplement regional advising efforts; and works with program chairs to develop effective class schedules.

In addition to Wilson and Dr. Lewis, members of Ivy Tech’s leadership team include Rhonda Groves, chair of the School of Technology; Jay Hall, chair of the general education department; Kim King, chair of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Jean Koch, chair of the School of Business; Connie Morgan, chair of the School of Public and Social Services; and Laurie Peters, chair of the School of Health Sciences.

While at the conference, Wilson and Dr. Lewis presented a lecture on “Adjunct Inclusion: Orientation and Professional Development through a Lilly Grant.”  The session discussed the impact of the Lilly Grant on recruiting and retaining adjunct faculty members, the region’s intellectual capital.

The Chair Academy’s 17th Annual International Leadership Conference for post-secondary leaders worldwide was held in Denver, Colorado, April 1–4. The Theme of this year’s conference was “Soaring to New Heights through Exemplary Leadership.” For more information about The Chair Academy, its conference, or this year’s award winners, visit its Web site, http://www.mc.maricopa.edu/community/chair/index.html.

 About Ivy Tech Community College
Ivy Tech remains Indiana’s most affordable place to earn a college degree as students can earn an associate degree from Ivy Tech for less than $6,000.  Those degrees result in good-paying jobs, and students can transfer their credits to four-year colleges and universities in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree while saving nearly half the cost annually.  With 23 campuses across the state and classes offered in 75 communities, Ivy Tech is close to home for all Hoosiers. Ivy Tech Community College Kokomo Region serves six counties and includes campuses in the communities of Kokomo, Logansport, Peru and Wabash

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